Car Floor Mats For Tesla Model Y 2021-2024 All-Weather 3D Heavy Duty Liners

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X-CAR 3D Moulded All-Weather Car Floor Mats are the perfect fit for your Tesla Model Y, provide superior protection and luxury with their custom design and luxury embroidery. The waterproof and anti-scratch material prevents dirt, mud, and liquids from entering your floor area and provides an environmentally friendly, odourless experience. Save time on cleaning and make your car more valuable by protecting the floor area with these car mats.

TPE (Thermoplastic Vulcanizate) Rubber
  • Custom Design, Suitable for Tesla Model Y 2021-Current.
  • 3D Moulded Car Mats.
  • Luxury embroidery makes your car more valuable.
  • Waterproof, anti-Scratch. Protects the floor area of your car.
  • Save time and easy to keep clean, makes more valuable when re-sell the vehicle.
  • Fully Waterproof. Prevents sand, mud, or liquids from dirtying your car's carpet.
  • Material: TPE(Thermoplastic Vulcanizate) Environmentally Friendly, Odourless.
  • 60 Months Manufacturer's Warranty.

Package Includes

  • 2x Front Mats
  • 1x Second Row Mat



Extra Top Pile Mat

  • Suitable for X-CAR floor mats, offers maximum protection.
  • Thick Durable Pile Mat, comes treated for stain and soil resistance.
  • Luxury embroidery makes your car more valuable.
  • Easy to remove and clean, makes more valuable when re-sell the vehicle.
  • Material: PVC Silk. Environmentally Friendly Material, Odourless




XPE (Crosslinked Polyethylene Foam) Material

  • PERFECT FIT - NON SLIP - Our all weather floor mats are made specifically for your AU 2022 Tesla Model Y. Our 3D tech ensures a perfect fit on your vehicle, and our raised grip technology ensures they stay in place.
  • ODORLESS - Many of the other 3D mats on the market today come from the factory and smell of rubber. No need to have them sit outside before using them, or driving with the window open. Ready to use the moment it arrives!
  • NO LOGO & BRANDING FREE - Our Tesla Model Y floor mats are LUDICROUSLY premium, but we don't feel the need to advertise that on your floormat like the others. The Model Y is simplistic, our all floormats are too.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: These Floor Mats are waterproof, stain resistant, durable, and easy to clean. Easily clean with a paper towel, or remove them from your car to hose them down with water. Keeps your carpet looking brand new!
  • TRIPLE LAYER CONSTRUCTION: First layer is a hydro sealed rubber surface to ensure proper weather proofing. The middle layer is a sound dampening foam material to minimize road noise. Our third layer is our non slip, ultra grip technology, ensuring your mats stay in place! We provide the best Tesla Model Y Accessories you can buy.
  • After-sales Service: 60 Months Manufacturer's Warranty.
Package Includes
  • 2x Front Pieces
  • 1x Second Row Piece