Nudge Bar with LED Spotlight For GWM Tank 300 2023-2024 Bullbar Front Bumper LED Light

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Front Nudge Bar:


Introducing the Tank 300 Nudge Bar - Rugged Construction for Ultimate Front-End Protection!


Upgrade your vehicle's front-end with the Tank 300 Nudge Bar, a powerhouse of durability and functionality. Engineered with a robust 2.4mm material thickness, this Nudge Bar not only provides superior protection but also comes with additional features to enhance your driving experience.


  • Heavy-Duty Build: The Tank 300 Nudge Bar is constructed with a solid 2.4mm thickness, ensuring your vehicle is shielded from the rigors of the road. Enjoy unmatched front-end protection without compromising on style.
  • Versatile Lighting Options: Equipped with a built-in light bracket, easily install additional spotlights for enhanced visibility on and off-road. Illuminate your path with confidence, day or night.
  • Expandable Design: Customize your driving experience further by adding extra spotlights. The Tank 300 Nudge Bar is designed for versatility, allowing you to tailor your vehicle to your unique preferences.
  • Integrated Tow Hooks: Featuring two built-in tow hooks, this Nudge Bar offers added utility with a towing capacity of 1-2 tons. Be prepared for various situations, whether you're on the road or venturing off the beaten path.
  • Easy Installation: The Nudge Bar is designed for straightforward installation, ensuring a hassle-free process. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or seeking professional assistance, mounting this Nudge Bar is a breeze. (When screwing in, pay attention to first attaching screws to both the left and right sides without fully tightening them. Adjust the position properly before finally securing the screws tightly.)
  • Off-Road Ready: Conquer challenging terrains with confidence. The Tank 300 Nudge Bar is engineered for off-road adventures, providing the reliability and performance you need for a thrilling journey.



2 Pair of LED Spotlights:


  • Customized Fitment: Tailored to fit GWM Tank 300 2023-Current, this off-road light is specifically engineered to accommodate various lighting needs. With its pod lights, it provides depth illumination, ensuring versatility in different driving conditions and environments.
  • Unique Design: This light combining spotlights and double-sided wide-angle lights for both long-distance and short-distance illumination. Moreover, the center DRL features an A+ grade chip to enhance visibility over longer distances, significantly improving your driving experience.
  • High-quality Material: Constructed with waterproof materials, including a polycarbonate lens and solid cast aluminum shell, along with a multiple heat sink structure and stainless steel bracket. The 100% sealed design ensures you can drive freely on rainy, snowy, and foggy days.
  • Easy Installation: This LED light includes an installation kit and features an adjustable mounting bracket, allowing you to easily adjust the light direction according to your preferences for optimal lighting effects.
  • Note: Before placing your order, please ensure that you have purchased our front nudge bar to ensure compatibility with these lights.




Package Includes


  • 1x Nudge Bar 
  • 2 Set of LED Pod Spotlights
  • 1x Cable