Tesla Model Y 2022-2024 Front Lower Bumper Air Inlet Grille Leaves Insect Guard

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Front Lower Bumper Grille Cover

  • Special Design: Based on 3D scan data, only compatible with Tesla Model Y Mesh grille. The segmented design ensures that the product fits closely with the original car. Strive to pay attention to the exterior accessories, and original car texture consistent, perfect compatible with tesla model Y accessories 2022-Current.
  • Effective Protection: This fine grill mesh is like having a screen door in front of your radiator. The front mesh grill stops leaves and rocks and smaller objects from interfering with the required airflow and they also stop objects from puncturing your radiator, and extend its service life. This can save you thousands of dollars in repair bills as a punctured radiator is not covered by a warranty.
  • NO-BLOCKED VENTILATION:  The air inlet vent grille cover design of the vent hole position is uniform and precise. It has a small shape of holes, which have good ventilation and don’t affect the normal use of the mesh grille. These are made in satin black and match the trim on your car.
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: Our front grill mesh panel is made from strong ABS plastic and we insert stainless steel wire mesh on the backside with anti-rust coating, which is durable, easy to clean. The design of the vent hole position is uniform and precise. Let the product has good protective effect at the same time still does not affect the heat dissipation.
  • NO-DAMAGE INSTALLATION: This insert grill replacement for tesla model Y adopt snap-in mounting, you can easy to install and remove. Double-sided tape and adhesive are also included in the package to make the installation more secure. Just wipe the sides clean, and peel the double sided tape liner. Then, press in to the air intake vent area. Apply pressure on the ends and you are done.



Package Includes

  • 1 x Vent Grille Cover