Weathershields for Nissan Xtrail X-trail T32 2013-2022

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 Windows Visors
  • Custom Molded for Exact Fit. Highly precision model design. Perfectly fit Nissan Xtrail X-trail T32 2013-2022.
  • Maximum Fresh Air Enjoyment. Let the fresh air in and keep the rain out! X-CAR side window visor spans the entire window channel, allowing you to open your windows and enjoy fresh air even when raining. It also reduces wind noise and minimizes turbulence with open windows.
  • Minimizes Interior Heat When Parked. You can leave the windows slightly open to create an airflow inside the parked vehicle.
  • Easy and Secure Installation. Mount the visor to the outside of the vehicle using pre-applied mounting tape. Installation is quick and secure with no drilling required.







  • Compare and determine the exact installation location of the product.
  • Clean the frame surface properly, ensure it's clean, dry, and free of all oil, grease, and wax; then apply adhesive promoter.
  • Use heat gun or hair dryer to preheat adhesive tape before removing it. (Preheat stickers will have better adhesion)
  • Tear off the double side tape for about 5-10cm from both sides.
  • Correct the installation location, and continue to tear the tapes.
  • Press the Weather Shields to make sure it is firmly attached.
  • Do not move the product or wash your car in 24 hours after installation.



Package includes:


  • 2x Front Visor (Double-sided Adhesive tape attached)
  • 2x Rear Visor (Double-sided Adhesive tape attached)